In the frame of Erasmus+ project EurDiQ “European Dimension in Qualifications for the Tourist Sector”

В рамках проекта программы Erasmus+ EurDiQ “Внедрение Европейского измерения в отраслевую рамку квалификации для туристской индустрии



Networked Master`s Degree Programme “Tourism, Strategy and Leadership”

Cетевая магистерская программа «Стратегии и лидерство в туризме»

MA Tourism, Strategy & Leadership has been designed to incorporate EU/Bologna Process best practice principles for the curriculum of a Level  7 program of study combined with the flexibility for each participating university to customise the curriculum for its national, regional and local perspectives.

Abstract: This MA Tourism, Strategy & Leadership has been designed by a consortium of universities in Russia and Kyrgyzstan supported by partner universities from the EU in the frame of Erasmus+ project titled EurDiq – European Dimension in Qualifications for the Tourist Sector.

The overall purpose of the EurDiq project has been to develop a new Master`s Degree in Tourism that is designed incorporating EU/Bologna Process best practice principles for the design of a Master`s Degree. The content of the degree is aligned to Russian Federation national occupation standards for the tourism industry that have been produced by research undertaken for this project.

The learning outcomes-based curriculum is delivered by a variety of contemporary learning, teaching and assessment strategies that will not only develop the subject knowledge and understanding of the students but will also develop their management and leadership competences. Graduates of this degree will be able to attain senior executive positions within the tourism industry – both in their home countries of Russia and Kyrgyzstan but also internationally.

In designing the curriculum for this degree it is recognised that the tourism industries in Russia and Kyrgyzstan are very different. The Kyrgyzstan tourism industry includes mountain tourism, inland lake tourism, community tourism and city tourism (Bishkek). The tourism industry in the Russian Federation is even more diverse encompassing city tourism, mountain tourism, sports tourism, spa and health tourism. The different types of tourism in Russia and Kyrgyzstan have been reflected in the curriculum of this degree by the provision of electives which offer each participating university the opportunity to include specialised tourism courses in the curriculum that will be of relevance to local tourism product and market circumstances.

The curriculum for this degree also allows each participating university to include four `home university courses` in the curriculum. These are courses that are already included in the curriculum of other Master`s Degrees at each participating university and are relevant for the MA Tourism, Strategy & Leadership.

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